Sophetic is a community of young entrepreneurs and designers working together with experienced and talented artisans from the Andean region of Ecuador. Together, we design fine accessories for men that last the test of time. Since we are a community, where everyone’s role is equally as important as the other’s, everyone is treated and paid in accordance with the principles of free trade. This means that everyone gets paid their fair share for their work.


More than 15 artisans are benefited as a result of our work here at Sophetic, most of which are women. Many of them used to work on developing souvenir handcrafts to sell to tourists. These were often cheap and their talent and production potential was wasted. However, by working with entrepreneurs and designers who are constantly investigating the fashion trends and needs around the world, the artisans can develop daily use accessories that have a greater value and in which they can show their talent.


All of our products are made with the finest eco-friendly materials. The materials we use also help us tell the back story of cultural awareness and social responsibility. These are the characteristics of the materials used to make our accessories.


Leather can be a tricky and polemic material. This is why the Leather we use is custom made to ensure that it is eco-friendly. Its features are:

  • It comes from the skin left over from animals farmed for meat
  • It is chrome free and treated with eco-friendly, controlled chemicals
  • It is not dyed with harmful chemicals and has only a wax treatment to make it soft and smooth
  • It is processed with optimized treatments to reduce waste and water usage


There are many leather wallets in the market and most look the same. This is why we decided to add a different material to our collection to highlight the design; a high resistance tapestry.

  • It is made of 100% polyester fabric and is colored with eco-friendly dyes
  • It is designed to have the same resistance of blue jean fabrics
  • It is environmentally friendly since it can be recycled. 
  • It is custom made for our wallets