Our Story

"We believe that design has the magical power of turning daily use 'boring' products into lifestyle ones that reflect your identity and your style. This is what we aim for at Sophetic."

Sophetic is an Ecuadorian accessory design company focused on products for men. It was founded in 2016 by Alex and Cristian Fuentes with the goal of providing innovative and sophisticated accessories for men. The company has a strong environmental and social commitment, which is why all the products are handcrafted in fair trade by Ecuadorian artisans with environmentally friendly materials. Since Sophetic was founded, it has been featured in important magazines in Ecuador such as Vistazo or Lideres. It also won the annual award ‘Reto Turismo’ organized by the Ecuadorian ministry of tourism for best innovative handcrafted Ecuadorian product.   


Our mission at Sophetic is to make a positive impact in the world with our designs. First of all, we want to give many talented underrated Ecuadorian artisans a chance to make a better living by working in fair trade with us. Also, we want to provide a sustainable alternative to all the mass produced wallets in the market that don't take care of their workers or of the environment. And, we want to give men an innovative and sophisticated alternative for such an important lifestyle product as a wallet is. Usually, the offer of wallets for men at fairs or shops is quite limited and boring. With Sophetic we want to change this.

Our team


Cristian Fuentes - CEO & Co-Founder

Cristian is an Ecuadorian designer and social entrepreneur. After his volunteer work for social development programs with UNICEF and private organizations in different places in Ecuador, he decided to pursue his passion for design and attended a design program in the United States. He then co-founded Sophetic with his brother Alex to create fine accessories for men handcrafted by Ecuadorian artisans. He is passionate about helping improve social conditions in Ecuador for talented underrated artisans. 

Alex Fuentes - Co-Founder

Alexander is a young talented Ecuadorian designer. He is very passionate about design and has worked along with our artisans to design and create fine accessories for men. Before co-founding Sophetic, Alex worked as an independent artist and also collaborated with different foundations helping the Ecuadorian artisans and communities to improve their quality of life. In 2014, Alexander and Cristian created Sophetic with the sole purpose of exporting Ecuadorian talent to the world. He enjoys creating unconventional designs for conventional accessories. 

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